• Yellowish threads? How to rescue the blonde or the lights at home

    Platinum hair is beautiful, right? But they are also a risky investment. Sometimes it goes wrong and the hair ends up with a yellow tint a little distant from that chic look that we want so much. It's the end of the World? No, it is not! Learn with us and the famous the tricks to hit the platinum. For more references, check out: remove yellow from hair


    Look how beautiful Sophie Abrahão's vintage style is! She was already sick with long platinum locks. Now bet on pixie hair and rock again. Do you want to renew the style? First you need to think about the health of your hair: hydration is what ensures your hair is always beautiful.


    The ideal is to have a trusted specialist accompanying the before - yes, the before too, to check that your hair does not need a pre-bleaching treatment - during and after. It is also essential to do a streak test before depigmenting the entire length, so you see the reaction of the procedure on your hair and test the compatibility of the two.