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    We are roughly a 50-person chamber orchestra of non-music majors and music-majors at USC, who want to continue to play their instruments. We also greatly value giving our members further opportunities to showcase their talents through soloing with the orchestra and composing new works for our members to play.

  • What's new?

    Join CCO Spring 2020!

    New Member Info Session: Friday, January 17th 2pm at TMC G156

    First Rehearsal: 01/25 at 5:30! More details to come.


    Feel free to email us if you have any other questions about auditions.


    Concerto Competition Winners

    We would like to congratulate Rufus Bordal, Aidan Gold, and Sloan Quessenberry for winning our spring concerto competition! The soloists will perform works by Mozart, Gold, and Vivaldi in the coming semester.

    Aria Competition Winner

    Congratulations to Ariana Davis and Victoria Lawal for winning the aria competition! We are looking forward to performing works by Handel and Stravinsky with them in the spring.

  • Call for Scores

    Applications are now closed for the 2019-2020 season.


    Link to Rules and Guidelines


    Please pay the application fee of $10 below, and submit the required materials to ccocallforscores@gmail.com.

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  • FAQ

    How often does CCO rehearse?

    Once per week.

    We hold rehearsals on Saturdays, 5:30-7:30 (with occasional social events after!). There may be the occasional extra rehearsal the week of a performance.

    How many concerts does CCO put on?

    Four per school year.

    How much experience on my instrument do I need to be in CCO?

    At least one year.

    We are open to all levels of experience (save for complete beginners), and we're willing to work with you on a case by case basis if you think you'd be a good fit for us anyways! Just contact us at concertochamberorchestra@gmail.com if you're not sure!

    How do CCO auditions work?

    Perform a short work for us.

    Interested students should prepare a short piece or excerpt (1-5 minutes) that best represents their abilities as a musician. This could be anything: a movement of a concerto, an orchestral excerpt, a chamber music excerpt, an etude, an original composition, improvisation on the spot, etc.

    Who gets to solo with the orchestra?

    Soloists are determined by our annual competition.

    We have a concerto competition for soloists each year open to everyone. The level of your piece doesn't matter--as long as you sound good, and are prepared to help lead rehearsals of the piece! You can solo at a max of once per school year.

    What is the CCO Call for Scores?

    A call for new works to play during our 2019-2020 season.

    Each year, we put up a call for pieces that fit the unique needs of our ensemble. Please see the above section of our website for more information and to apply.

    What is the CCO Aria Competition?

    A competition for singers to solo with our orchestra.

    Each year, we have a competition for singers to have a chance to solo with the orchestra. The competition will be announced in the fall.

    Who conducts CCO?

    All of our conductors are students.

    Adhering to our values of being a completely student-led organization, all of our conductors are also students—often music majors. Each year, we hold an application process for head and assistant music director—this season's directors are Adam Karelin and Camilo Gonzalez-Sol, respectively. We also feature multiple guest conductors, so there are plenty of conducting opportunities, if that's something that interests you!

    I'm a pianist. Can I still join CCO?


    Some of our music calls for keyboard instruments. Sometimes, we need pianists to rehearse with soloists, conductors, or the choir for our final concert. However, we can't guarantee that you'll be able to participate in every rotation.

    How do rotations work?

    Rotations are a way to make sure all of our wind players get to play every concert.

    We rotate our woodwind and brass players for different pieces, so that we can accept everyone who wants to play and give them a chance to perform on at least one piece per concert.

    Does CCO do anything other than rehearsals and concerts?


    We have several social events each school year, so that our members can get a chance to know each other and bond over amazing music!

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